Thursday, 14 February 2008

Canthan New Year

As you've probably noticed, I don't update as much as I used to. This is due to the simple fact that I got fed up with Guild Wars (for reasons that I am tempted to write down one time or annother when I don't have anything better to do) and left for something more fresh - LotRO.

But I still plan to become the God (actually, shouldn't this title be changed to "Farmer God walking among mere players"? Because I think it should), and i'm still attached to Cherrie, so i decided that we should attend the festival. Naturally I resigned as soon as I realised that most activities were re-runs (not much suprise in here, right?), but.. I did meet the Nian again! and decided I have to make a good use of this meeting.

Last year Nian knocked my jaw down to the ground. Thats the prettiest creature in all Tyria! Well , maybe except some of the Avatars... but they are Gods so... figures ;) I'd love to, I'd die to have a mini-pet Nian!

Hence, my post is a little tribute to Nian (maybe it's symbolic? the opposition to the Canthan New Year - symbolised by the love for the Nian - can be transcended to my opposition towards Guild Wars now? heh :p).

Anyways, Master and the Pet (who's the Master tho? ^^), Beauty and the Beast or Mistress and her Deamon. Enjoy, as this view is once-a-year only!

Those puny mortals stand no chance against the power of the Nian!

besides, I have my own theory. nian is against the Canthan New Year because the Emperor has ommited him in the year-cycle. And how could he! <3 Nian!

Actually, I even used to have a nian-wallpaper =^.^=

Celestian Patrons down on Tyria

Celestial Miniatures. Cute!

I like the idea of making them resamble star constellations a lot! But the fact that they were less common not so much, actually.

Anyways, Cher is - naturally - blessed by the Celestials, so she got both starry friends thanks to her Good Fortune and.. some regular fortune ;)