Sunday, 22 November 2009

Trolls and other d*cks

Guild Wars on the hold again. If I wanted to play a solo game, I'd play one. If I'd want to play an Assasin, I'd make one my main. And I really don't want to get near - even virtually near - some serious d*cks.

Anyway, lets get back to trolls.
I simply love some of those easter eggs left by devs here and there. Bridge troll... patrolling on a bridge.... and next to him, his chest of goodies... LOL.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Our Mrs. Reynolds

I am like months overdue with my posts in here...
This one, for example, should have been made... 6 months ago, during the Summer Festival. Oh well, hate me - better late than never, I guess.

Any Firefly fans out here? No? Shame on you! One of the best, most ingenious SF series tehre ever were (and a proof that true value doesn't equal popularity and/or commercial success, unfortunately).
Apparently though, at least one Turbine Dev is a Firefly fan and has provided us with Saffron's Lipstick during the Festival. A cheap fan imitation though, I am afraid, because it doesn't knock people unconscious...

If you did not understand the joke, go get Firefly TV series NOW! You will not regret it, I promise!
Unless you get yourself a cinematic that is, wasn't very good at all...

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Being pessimistic...

...about Siege of Mirkwood. A lot.
I've been looking at it's development _closely_ and from a privliged point of view for a few months now and... well, as the title says.

I'm extremely disappointed in the fact that Dev's refused to acknowledge feedback about raid gating and the tool they decided to gate them with (radiance) itself.

I'm also really fed up with the fact that the new update (I refuse to call it an expansion) seems to depend solely on Skirmishes. New skills (at least new Hunter port skills)? Farm Skirmishes for barter items.
Legendary items? Same.
Cosmetics? Same.
Lvl 50 class quest items? Same.
No believe? Check the Bullroarer screens of Skirmishes rewards that are all over the forums. Or read latest WarCry DevChat transcript.
Skirmishes Deeds? Enormous grindfest. Remember Council of the North battles? How many of you done it dozen of times? And Battle of Lorien? How many of you are "of Victory"...? Let me bet, it was boring to do it over and over... Well guess what, that's 80% of what's coming with Siege of Mirkwood, just worse. Mind dumbling, neverending grind of same stuff.

Sure, it's extremely fun when you do it for the first time. It's entertaining when you do it the second time. Than you start wishing you were at work.

Wake the fuck up, Turbine.
The only reason I'm still playing your annoying game that breaks almost every rule of the "Commandments to be a good game" is because I enjoy playing with my boyfriend. I just can't wait 'till I can lure him out to play something DECENT.