Friday, 30 July 2010

Blog merge

I've decided to merge both my game blogs (Guild Wars and Lord of the Rings) into this one as it became too tedious to keep both updated and polished.

LDoA, the chain of failures

My attempt at Legendary Defender of Ascalon is a chain of failures...
First, long time ago when I made the LDoA-to-be, I accepted my secondary profession, not to mention I missed out on War Preparations, Message from a Friend and Gwen's Flute.
So yesterday - with my character at 14 - I realized I missed out on quite a lot. Foolishly though, I was too impatient to count down on how a-lot exactly and I deleted the character... while it was only 1600 exp, 16 charrs! Doh... *facepalm*

So here I am, going for it AGAIN.
Wish me luck.

Edit: the full gravity of what I've done just got to me. WTF was I thinking? I must have Mad Cow or something...

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Wicked Wave!

Shard of Twilight

After spending few weeks playing Bayonetta (such an awesome game, I am totally in love!) I took a bit of a break from torturing angels and brought my Lore-master to Mirkwood where she encountered Shards of Twilight.

My continuing thoughts were - and still are:
Wicked wave!

Please excuse the poor screen-shot of the Shard of Twilight, if I get anything better, I'll update it!