Wednesday, 31 October 2007


is here, the moon is full

the moon is red

and the air is clear


I've spent way too much time Trick-or-Treating ;) But I have a bunch of sweets and some Absinthe to entertain myself during the weekend :P

Asking the right person is the key for achieving more treats... :>

...and finally,

Mesmers do things better!

Last one standing!

I should be paid double for it :)

Monday, 15 October 2007


It kinda speaks for itself, doesn't it?

I'll take tributes later, stand in line.. ;)

Slayer of Demons

Well, it ain't maxed [yet], but I wanted to keep the moment of having a fancy name title, before I become acknowledged as Slayer of Gods. And I already killed a God... why won't I get the credid immediately?

The Big Bang: Molotov

Double GWEN faction weekend and the introduction of HM made us dedicate those days for gaining fome reputation. Those Marked by Fury focused od Charr territories... and succeeded in clearing them all of the nasty kitties. And of other things too.

This big scaly guy was a pain. Especially because he wandered into the forest and seeked company in Mantis Queen, who is a monk by the way...
Cute, isn't he? :D He, alongside with the Siege Devourers, makes me want to get a Devourer pet... anyone lese tried /dance while inside? They Rock! Molotov Rocltail!!! ;)

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Mesmer Heaven

The most beautiful sight in all of Guild Wars... no wonder mesmers from other realms literally spawn there..!


Eternal Conqueror of the Underworld and Fissure of Woe

The hunt for monuments continues. There ain't much to do in GW anyways.

We decided to anwser Grenth's and Balthazar's calls and do some dirty work for them. FoW was... well, easy and not aesthetically fullfilling. Underworld was... tricky... but, to be honest, easy as well. Those darnn terrorweb dryers are no match for Spell Breaker, muahaha. And so, Eternity awaits me.. once more!

Urgoz Warren

I am forever tempted to explore slimy tombs and ruined gothic cathedrals.. I always wanted to beat Urgoz Warren just for the sake of the sights. It proved to be almost impossible if team is lacking one skill and one build... sucky. I hate places in GW taht require certain things.

Anyways, once we reqruited two trappers (bows to Andrill and Lisek), things went smoothly. Frankly, I almost wasn't needed there. I just stood there, looking stunning (as usual) and overlooking the rest of the party doing their job - exactly the thing mesmer is born to do ;) Urgoz himself came out to be a big mouthed... moron... he didn't have his guardian wurms to heal him... so once we realised we can skip them entirely and simply focus on the big plant, he quickly turned into a pile of rubbish (the one behind Cherrie on the picture). Cute, isn't he? And now the place is mine, all mine! Lovely :)