Sunday, 7 October 2007

Urgoz Warren

I am forever tempted to explore slimy tombs and ruined gothic cathedrals.. I always wanted to beat Urgoz Warren just for the sake of the sights. It proved to be almost impossible if team is lacking one skill and one build... sucky. I hate places in GW taht require certain things.

Anyways, once we reqruited two trappers (bows to Andrill and Lisek), things went smoothly. Frankly, I almost wasn't needed there. I just stood there, looking stunning (as usual) and overlooking the rest of the party doing their job - exactly the thing mesmer is born to do ;) Urgoz himself came out to be a big mouthed... moron... he didn't have his guardian wurms to heal him... so once we realised we can skip them entirely and simply focus on the big plant, he quickly turned into a pile of rubbish (the one behind Cherrie on the picture). Cute, isn't he? And now the place is mine, all mine! Lovely :)

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