Monday, 30 March 2009

All epic stories all build up on countless tragedies

This sight I encountered in Annuminas really caught me...
If playing is a form of storytelling (and I personally do think it is, at least to some degree), this would do for one of those all-time tear-shedding moments in epic movie...

...and yes, the Warden died, we have arrived too late to help him, but we have honored his name by spilling the Gorthorog's blood... and blood of many, many other Angmarim.

Tribute to one of the icons of XXth century culture

Dark Delvings... one of those MoM infinite farming instances, and a very,very annoying and badly designed one (like most of them, unfortunately). But even in a boring, tedious and discouraging place like that one might find an Easter-Egg (I hope, otherwise it's a ripoff!).

Couldn't possibly be much more Alien than this ;)

It all comes down to Mirrors

Finally, some signs of civilization in this dark place!
Wait, what?! Does my hair really look like that..? Aaah, the horror..!

I found it somewhat.. hmm... prophetiic? to find this mirror just besides the Waterworks mirror quest giver. For him to drag it all the way down here..! Wait, could it be? Maybe he is... one of those fabled female dwarves? ;)

Vampire Toads in Moria

Beware, adventurers, for there's one more Evil lurking in the dark depths of Moria!
The elusive cold-blooded blood-suckers, the Vampire Toads!

My Rune-keeper and her faithful Warden companion and bodyguard were ambushed by this terrifying creature in the Waterworks and the sight immediately made me think of Stephen Rea dancing on the ceiling as Santiago in Interview with the Vampire!