Friday, 24 August 2007

GW:EN Sneak Peak and Bison Tournament

So, GW:EN sneak peak is off. Cherrie got herself into little tournaments. Not that she ever doubt she's a champion mesmer... but somehow our class always has to prove we are worth it... so.. just.. Hail to the King! um... The Queen of course. Or Princess. I think I like Princess even better :)

Some memorable moments from the tournament. When will people learn to respect Mesmers?

Sure it does... because, In my Inspiration, Lyssa is there!

Am Fah or Norns are nothing compared to my wrath when my dress gets stained...

I will, I will.

And for all those fights, Cher even got a Norn crown. If only it didn't suck =.=

Just look at that ugly thing...

And here is something I gotta get soon - I need those for our vans!!!

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Vanquishing Tyria - The Undead Dragon is down :)

This is the location - or rather one particular mob - I was afraid the most of (counting out those few nasty Stone Summit spawns in Southern Shiverpeaks... but now I'm convinced we have a team good enough for them too; after all, we killed a God and now The Dragon ;P). I managed to convince Gniewosz to leave his little UW farm and bathe his new, cute Chaos Axe and his gorgeous Tormented Shield in some really special blood for their benediction. I also snached my favourite SS hero for this trip.

We didnt make any special preparations, our builds were mostly what we use for every other Vanquish, but:

# I equipped Jin with Extinguish. She's the one who would experience mana problems the least and we suspected we might have some condition problems (at the Isle and on the way as well, with all those 'hot' imps)

# I managed to convince Gniewosz to drop his beloved W/Rt Splintered Weapon build for W/N with Plague Touch. If those dragons are nice enough to try and keep Dazed on us all the time, why not return the favor? Besides, don't you just love caster bosses constantly dazed, and gang-wanded? Jin's BHA wouldn't be enough as Rotwing is a special creature with half conditions, half hexes, half recharge and half casting time. And double damage. His own Roar made him suffer :)

# Our favourite Ritualist build got a bit modified - in fear of the Frozen Soil set up by Rotscale's retuine, we added Restoration. Got used once tho, durig the testing phase, when first line (Gniewosz and lace necro hero) got wiped.

# Robin went as a healer for a change. Rotscale's Desacrate Enchantments would be devastating if this what is supposed to keep us alive was used to kill us. Dunkoro went as Prot or hybrid, I'm not sure.

Final phase. I dont have any pictures from earlier, but it was pretty boring. Gniewosz stood there singing the "I will survive!" song, basicly uncharmed, Joanna was getting raped by the monsters while she was killing them with Spitiful Spirit and the rest of her arsenal, Robin was either healing her restlesly or casting anything once in a while at Gniewosz. I was having my job done. Oh, the sweet life of a Mesmer.

This is annother boring period. Gniewosz is beating Rottie up, returning his Dazed from time to time. Jin is placed in a clear view to interrupt and provide additional Daze, so is Razah to make sure his Spirits' attacks will hit and interrupt The Dragon as well. Joanna hid herself behind the tomb (or inside... those necro urges...), I'm doing my thing when my mana lets me, and Robinnia stays allert in case some nasty spell gets through Dazed, but generally is really bored.

Few minutes later. Rottie, unfortunatelly, didn't get his last meal. What a pity :)

Cherrie and The Beast.

Rest of the party, unfortunatelly, was too absorbed by a nearby chest to poze for a picture beforeRotscale's body evaporated.

No, he didn't drop the Greenie. But it wasn't the point anyways :)

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Canthan Vanquisher


I was missing one area to that track for quite a while now, but could never gather a suitable group as 4 man party areas are quite challenging. But today I've decided to give it a chance hero-way... Tahlkora as a prot/heal hybrid, party support Morgah and barrager Jin with "Go for the Eyes!" made my day, but still it took us over 2h...

Well, was woth it.

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Meet the Girls

I don't play my other characters - apart from Cher - a lot, but some of them get a little attention sometimes, so I've decided to introduce them to broader audience :)

Cherrie, my main character, also the first one made; owner of Many Leather-bound Books by now :) Born in Tyria, but with Canthan - more precisely Kurzick - origins. Vain and a real fashion victim (one storage is full of her clothes - only the ones she wears more often... one mule character is full of the others I bought for her...; annother storage is full of her weapons), former ecto-bitch *wink,wink*, now a gem bitch *wink,wink*

This is how Cheryl should look like (not that the pic shows it ;p) and be named... If only I started playing GW 2 weeks later, it would defenetly be so...

PvP Mesmer, Balthazar farmer. And a mule, as most of my account ^^

I stole her name from a friend that stopped playing ^^ I used to play her as Minion Master on Explosive Creation or as a Ritual Lord, now I'm mainly into Channeling or Communing Offensive Spirit Spammer; ain't a great fan of Restoration, I don't like healing in general. Made her because i felt in love with the name idea alongside with Kurzick Ritualist outfit, besides I wanted to be able to use Collector's Edition dance somehow (Dancing with Spirits, annother great name, taken already snif ;( ) . She goes to DoA sometimes, but she mostly simply looks good on my Character Screen ;)

My monk. All she ever really did was some farming, but since now Mistress does the honors, she's just.. yes, you've guessed, a mule. And I really am the worst monk ever...

My Ele; created her because a real ele does better in ele's job, obviously, and I'm tired of using Cherrie as a nuker in DoA. Made her Tyrian born, which I regreted a lot while getting her to lvl 20, ascending her and doing her AP quests... too much work, meh... and all because eles from other continents look ugly =.= She'll be the only one not having Kurzick armor too, I prefer this one wayyy better. She might get 'harem' set (Sunspear 15k, I already bought her 1.5k) for dancing tho. I'm also planning to get her Celestial weapon set... but not too many people doing Catha these days, so this is a long-term plan.

My sweet Aria, recently Motivation Singer. Created because of her beauty - isn't she an Angel? ^^ Singing, shouting, commanding, knowing no fear. And still not dead O.o I think she might become a Survivor, even tho I ain't planningthis.

My strongly neglected ranger with her pet. I made her because I wanted annother Amulet of the Mists and didn't want to buy it back than (was around 100k), besides passing Factions was faster for me than farming all this gold. I've decided to make a ranger because of... Kurzick outfit; I love the fishnets, lace and skirt... Never used her much after beating Shiro, but I'm planning to revive her somewhere in near future as a Toucher.

One of my most neglected character, little Demon Necro Necro. Ain't even 20 yet. I liked her looks so I've made her, but she's too boring for me to play with... I already hexed a lot with Cherrie and MMed with Mistress... So she's just standing there as a mule and looking pretty.

My Assasin, designated to be a critical barrager. Not that I play her... She holds Cherrie's closet.

After Nightfall PvP preview event I really thought I'm gonna play a derv... But I don't feel first line of combat at all. So I had a brainstorm to choose her name, made her... abd... she's one year old already and almost never used...

(Fashion) Dream Came True

Cherrie's dream came true... She finally got her Dream Staff :D

I was about to write how rare the skin is, and how rare the staff with actual stats is, but everyone knows it, right? ^^ Sometimes it's good to be a mesmer... perfect, rare stuf costs so little for underestimated classes....

So, here is my Sweetie, with her weapon set: Staff (ohhh how we love the +20 energy and bonus HP :D) and Luring Bow. <3!

Elonian Vanquisher

I'm a biatch for titles, ain't I...

Actually, I'm quite upset recently, because Cherrie ain't self-sufficient anymore... There's no way she can acheve the titles she's up for now alone... I remember henching and heroing through Cartographers ans Skillhunters quite a challenge, but it wasn't as risky as Vanquishing... If my party got wiped once or twice or thrice, I cound simply start hugging the wall from the point I stopped... Wipe at Vanquish means you have to start over, all over. And it's really not easy for a caster, since tank is neccessary... And tanking is one of the things Hench and Hero AI can't do.

We did 3 last areas Cherrie had left w/o a 'real' tank... Nemikaze with her pyromancer team burned her (and our) way through Wilderness in about an hour, than I began to assamble a team for Vehtendi Valley... But we had no tank, so I went as Earth Tank again. This was a horror... the aggro got broken over and over again, I have no idea why.... Took us 2 hours... And I can't express how grateful I am to the monks (Robin and Otaku) for sticking up with me...

Than, one last area was The Mines... I had some volunteers but they had only one hour to do this... Wasn't enough to Earth Tank it as the tank is slow, so we didnt take any proper tank apart from MM and my Koss... who's only tanking abilities were 100 armor and 16 shield... and guess what, took us only 30 minutes :)

Anyways... I'm glad. Cantha coming up, and than... Tyria. I don't even want to think about how that will be like...

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Cherrie with The Devil Inside

So it shows? :X

Cherrie playing an Earth Tank role. Its doable, but the window between Obsidian Flesh is pretty big... I'm going to need Spell Breaker for harder areas :/ Real Monk's SB :/