Saturday, 24 November 2007

Out of Control

My purse hasn't been so empty for like, a year or so and I have never, EVER spent taht much before.
But I'm happy..! Finally, I'm on a way to a coherent, stylish image of my Cherrie :) Only, why does this cost so darnn much? >.<

Thankfully, there ain't many torments I could find a use for left..
But you never know.. I don't even like this shield's skin..... Hmmm ok, this is me being a fashion victim.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007


They sooo look like tiny dragon-puppets :)
Too cute not to buy them ^^

And now... I can scare kids to death, muahaha!
Not taht I'll use them in ANY other way...

Bleed white to please the Bear!

I bought those cute torments matching my dress perfectly... only to let them gather dust, since recently I spend most of the time under Ursan Blessing...

Really... as a true Fashion Victim (who Cherrie always was..), I had to do something about it.
Obviously, I had to buy Tormented weapon for the Bear...
So I chose the Spear, it works as Caster weapon also :) Not as cute as Elemental Sword maybe... but still...
Get the sexiest collection or die trying!

Wednesday, 14 November 2007


... if only she matched my dress :))

Sunday, 11 November 2007


If I am to spend, I'm gonna spend big..!

Tormented Weapons match FoW... and even more, they match Mesmers (Tormented Staff dealing chaos dmg... perfect match!).
So, thanks to Robin (again..!), I could afford one such baby and fully admire the beautiful ornaments on the head... well as a matching longbow for luring. I love sets!
Gods, I'm spoiled, ain't I....

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Fresh FoW; Still smells of warm Ecto!

My taste evolves... into more and more prestige and... well... show-off ;)
Somehow after 18 months of gameplay I suddenly decided I like Mesmer Obsidian Armor and that I want one for Cherrie...

At first I considering farming Ecto for it, but after 3hI've decided that if there's ever was a good way of spending all my loose gold I was lucky to farm in Harvest Temple, this is it... It was only gathering dust in my storage anyway. 4h of buying materials and 1h of beating FoW with Robinnia later, I got my own fresh, sleek FoW armor.

Here's my dress just after being forged and it's maker:

Mallyx the Unyielding

I must admit, I was never too fond of Domain of Anguish as it's not my idea of full-of-fun challenge (and as it's mostly too dark to see my dresses well...); I'd rather say, it was always irritating and frustrating, especially to a Mesmer who does not fit into any cookie-cutter build. Nor did I really like any of the Tormented weapons... I used to have other preferences (like Zodiac, Celestial or Platinium ones). Overall, I used to keep away from DoA for the sake of my sanity, time and fun gained from the game experience.

Hall of Monuments changed that a bit... I'm a Monument Bitch recently, shame to admit... and not having the statue of the Big Hairy Ape in there... well, I could live with that, but...

Fortunatelly, rest of my usual party group felt the same way: we had to find a way to beat Mallyx, at least once, for the sake of our poke-like collections. Thankfully, ANet did a lot of stupid inventions recently, one of which made it possible for us to clear DoA in 4 hours (not a bad time for first-timers, is it?).

Here is Cher with the dead Ape. Ugly, aint he?
BTW, why does one Margonite Lord look like an Ape, unlike all other Margonites?

And here is Gods-and-Beyond slaying party (from left to right; Mallyx does for the background):
Livia the Killer Decoltage, General Morgah, Robinnia, Cherrie, Gniewosz the Red Ninja, Kamyk, Sabath and Debianka.

And... well... I only have one question now...
I understand Mallyx is a Big, Fat Ape... but why in the name of the Gods do players have to suffer getting his favourite banana as a reward?? Seriously...

We might be doing Domain of Anguish some more as it lasts... It would be a pity not to collect those fancy hero armors etc... Besides, I've recently grown even more of a fashion victim than I used to be and now I'm dreaming of a fancy Tormented set for Cherrie... not that I suddently began to like the design... but onbe has to aim for something, rite? A Fast Casting staff and a nice luring Longbow would be nice...

So beware, Ape, and hide your bananas, because here we come!

Hall of Monuments

4th rank in Kind of a Big Deal bought the final (?)* form of the Monument of Honor in my Hall of Monuments and now, after beating Mallyx, it is complete in my eyes: all the Monuments I was planning to display are unlocked (only.. why oh why can't i rearrange them so that Mallyx is in the center, Kanaxai and Urgoz on his sides, and FoW and UW at the edge..? :( ). Sorrow's Furnance is still waiting to be unlocked, but we always find better things to do than that... Vanquishing Tyria for example, and now collecting DoA gems... Oh well, it has to wait :)

*Actually not final. One more title and I'll get a ray of light shining at the face of the figure. Tyria, here I come... slowly :)

Sunday, 4 November 2007

The Ebon Vanguard: Secret Agent

From Rin with Love:
My name is Rimbaud, Cheryl Rimbaud. I have a license to kill and I'm going to make a good use of it!

I'm missing spectacles, I know. But if theres anything in GW:En taht I think does not fit the mood, it's spectacles and bandana. Eeek.

The Asura: Not Too Shabby

I can't decide wheter I love or hate the Asura.

Good things about'em:
#they look cute... especially when they show their fangs ;)
#their intelligent. Mesmers like being around intelligent creatures
#they produre good-looking weapons and armors (but! mark tyhe 'Why to dislike'em" part)
#Vekk! He rocks, thnx to him I can display two minipets at once! and when he dies, he does a charming piruet :P
#they have kick-ass PvE skills for casters

Bad things:
#outfit for mesmer is AWFUL.
#they provide the community with spectacles, which I think SUCK. Big Time.
#they stole so many of my one-liners :(
#they play Polymock... eeew...

I don't mind them being arrogant. I'm a Mesmer, it would be a hypocrisy to dislike someone for being arrogant ;)

Overall I guess, I like'em :D
But there's absolutely NO WAY I'm gonna play an Asura. Either human or Norn for me.

The Dwarves: Legendary Delver

Well, NO: Mesmers don't do those things... seriously...
This title is only the way Dwarves honor their heroes... I never, ever had a pick in my hand! I have other people do those things for me...

Legendary Master of the North

OK I'm off here, it's too cold...

The Norn: Slayer of the Gods

Actually not "of the Gods" anymore :(
And I was sooo rising my hopes up for that title... Political correctness sucks :/

I like Norn territories, despite all the snow and frost.... And I like the Norn.. well, one Norn at least: Jora ROCKS. I absolutely love her, she is the prettiest, sexiest gal in GW! If I ever decide to play GW2, I'll play Norn Paragon :D if their faces are as pretty as Jora's... If not, I'll stick to human mesmer :)

PS. Don't you just love the decolletage of that dress? How is she handling the cold with half of her breasts showing...

Thursday, 1 November 2007

I have many lether-bound books

So my Hall of Monuments is shiny now. I should bring the smell of rich mahogany to our guild hall easilly, but becoming a God... dunno... that might take a while :(

1337er now than ever

One of those moments when one feels that farming pays off. I was actually hunting for Trick-or-Treat bags on just-hatched-out dinosaurs, but this is what eventually dropped for me..!

Is it perfect?
In a way... it's a perfect caster sword :) how many people in GW have r6 Elemental Sword? ^^!
Hence, my new toy. I was never crazy for that skin, but if it dropped... I might as well show off :)