Thursday, 8 November 2007

Hall of Monuments

4th rank in Kind of a Big Deal bought the final (?)* form of the Monument of Honor in my Hall of Monuments and now, after beating Mallyx, it is complete in my eyes: all the Monuments I was planning to display are unlocked (only.. why oh why can't i rearrange them so that Mallyx is in the center, Kanaxai and Urgoz on his sides, and FoW and UW at the edge..? :( ). Sorrow's Furnance is still waiting to be unlocked, but we always find better things to do than that... Vanquishing Tyria for example, and now collecting DoA gems... Oh well, it has to wait :)

*Actually not final. One more title and I'll get a ray of light shining at the face of the figure. Tyria, here I come... slowly :)

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