Sunday, 4 November 2007

The Asura: Not Too Shabby

I can't decide wheter I love or hate the Asura.

Good things about'em:
#they look cute... especially when they show their fangs ;)
#their intelligent. Mesmers like being around intelligent creatures
#they produre good-looking weapons and armors (but! mark tyhe 'Why to dislike'em" part)
#Vekk! He rocks, thnx to him I can display two minipets at once! and when he dies, he does a charming piruet :P
#they have kick-ass PvE skills for casters

Bad things:
#outfit for mesmer is AWFUL.
#they provide the community with spectacles, which I think SUCK. Big Time.
#they stole so many of my one-liners :(
#they play Polymock... eeew...

I don't mind them being arrogant. I'm a Mesmer, it would be a hypocrisy to dislike someone for being arrogant ;)

Overall I guess, I like'em :D
But there's absolutely NO WAY I'm gonna play an Asura. Either human or Norn for me.

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