Monday, 30 July 2007

OMG, I've almost stepped on The Frog!

I was visiting Kamadan and I've almost stepped on this eloquent amphibian :)

Vanity Fair: Legendary Guardian

Cherrie is a Legend now; literally :) Not for the first time tho... (Legendary Skill Hunter and Legendary Cartographer checked already) but still makes me proud. Thats one of the not many titles I wouldn't be able to achieve alone so - paradoxally - makes me even more proud, and I had much more fun achieving it than those I soloed.

And here's the proof of us doing The Nightmare, Madness Mission - and succeed.

It was quite fun actually, and not that hard either :X Well, it was hard, but much less than I expected. We had 3 monks which alowed us to use an opportunity which presented itself after we took Lich down - our tank got DCied! This way he actually did what he was supposed to do, he stood without moving, tanking The Handsome, and the rest of us went down to clear the shrines and gain favor of the Gods, while Robin kept tank alive (and later played hit-and-run with Shiro, keeping him at the gate when we were doing our job done). The tank reconected when we did the last Shrine, we run back to the gate and got the job done. With Shiro well tanked, we spaced out and... well... killed him :) Tank's Wild blow and my Morgah's Wild Throw helped getting rid of his stances, my friend Nemikaze kept him satisfactionally roasted. Fatalities were brought back up by Morgah (Signet of Return is a nice thing if most of the party is alive... which we were, since only 2 people were getting hit, Tank and Nemikaze-sama), and Shiro was killing himself thanks to Brilliant Joanna's effords. She actually stole my role, taking Empathy with her.... I used my favourite Mass Destruction PvE build, spamming Necrosis on Mantra of Recovery (90 armor-ignoring damage every 1 second for 5 energy!), having Auspicious Incantation on Ether Nightmare for energy management. I really thought we wouldn't make it when we set off, but... as I already mentioned, it went quite smoothly :)

Shiro, honey... Don't be sad... I'll make it up to you the best I can ];P

PS. Joanna, stop running around MY Shiro in this lace BDSM outfit, or... I'll double-echo Diversion on you! ;) Or have Poppy touch you to death!

Saturday, 21 July 2007

GW:En Armor Leak

I myself can't make up my mind wheter to take those as an actual leak from ANet's test server or a well prepared joke by someone using TextMod... They sure look proffesionally made and two of those were shown at E3, but at the same time... they are so obviouly reskinned models with minor modifications it's almost too simple and crude from Anets side to create new armors like that... Anyways I promised my friend I'll post them, so here they are.

I must say I myself am very, very upset with some aspects of GW:EN. It ends GW - and I ain't looking forward to GW2 seeing ANet aiming for grind, farm and everything more like WoW, eeeek; has no CE, and now this... Those armors are reskins of merely modified models.... Meh :(

Official Art released:
GW:EN is already released and one can see all the armor arts on various pages so I'll remove those pics clustering my page :)

Monday, 16 July 2007


Since the weather is great and the Wince Cellar full after the Dragon Festival, girls decided to take some quality time off and go somewhere where the Lag Monster wouldn't attack. Those bottles sure are big...

Monday, 9 July 2007

Teddy Bear Girl

What does a Cherrie want? It's obvious... a Teddy Bear; better not even form a question of what to do next in a way making it possible for Cherrie to propose some bears... because she will start winning and it ain't easy to make her stop... :)

Okay, I'll explain. Teddy Bear, or a Little Bear, is 'miś' or 'misio' in Polish, which pronounciates similary to 'mission' in Polish ('misja') ; so, 'bear' means 'Hard Mode Mission with Masters' in Cher's lips. 9 Elonian Teddy Bears to go for Legendary Guardian :)

Dragon Festival: The Gifts

During short break from present snatching, token running and excessive sweets consuming, we went to clean Kaineng a bit from the Afflicted and the Shiro'kens, and... here it is : Every Mesmers' dream :D Well, maybe not as much now with inscriptable staffs and +20e, but still a legendary Domination Staf... and a drop especially for Cher! Couldn't stop myself from sharing ^^

Dragon Festival: Sweet Tooth!

This is why I went through all of it... Sweet Tooth track. Cherrie doesn't drink so Drunkard is out of the question (bad associations...) , but sweets... I ate that many! or more...:D~

Actually, I'm still wondering wether the main image should be this one rather... I think I'm gonna be sick... ;P

Dragon Festival: LOTS of hard work, LOTS of platinium saved.

More of the 'hard work' factor, actually. My token stock collection, not entire though.... The screen was made on Sunday afternoon, just when I filled up my storage with them, but the day went on and their numbers significantly increased, I stopped counting tho and exchanged them for Creme Brulee immediatelly (Sweet Tooth track :p) because of storage shortage; I might have collected twice as many, or maybe even more.

But I can not take the credit for them, I would never be able to get as many and advance the title at the speed i did if it wasn't for my friends, guildies and allies who provided me with spare tokens from extra characters, presents and runs. And for his commitment and the time spend on me, I'd like to specially thank Robin for running my chars' festival quests all day long..! I'm extremly grateful (but if Cher gets fat and can't fit into her clothes, she'll still spam Diversion on you.. and get some more sleep please.. :( ). Of course, my thanks go to Drako, Mark, Nath, Nemi and Sharn as well :)

Dragon Festival, Chapter X: Top Mama

Dragon Festival 2007, fruitful event it was!

While running around doing all the festival stuff, I got an idea for one TNTM assignement I neglected: Tyria's Next Top Mama. Cherrie really couldn't find a good co-model for that, until... she saw a little masked assasing dancing in Shing Jea. The lowest possible height, at first she tought 'Wow, Mini Vizus can dance..!", but than she realised it's in fact a player with the lowest possible height chosen. So... we had a 'child' co-model and a great fun during a shot ment to represent mama and her offspring - dressed as an evil Scythe of Chaos - having fun during the fest :)

Actually, this almost killed my PC... I run 2 clients simultaneously , one in full-screen and max details to make this one.... I thought my CPU gonna past out...

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Cherrie the Couples' Trendsetter

Male version of Kurzick-and-Labyrinth came out to be a stunning success... so Cheryl couldn't stop but think if a female verions looked at least as good as it's male counterpart. As far as her imagination could reach, she would tell it would... as long as the pants were painted white to match the permamently white female top. Also, female monk could use cute Labyrinth ankle bracelets, as they are more discreet... and this would be a good choice since female Kurzick boots look kinda awkward with the pants, making legs look fleshy.

Miss Robinina, Nifredil's monk companion, gladly catched the idea and decided to give it a try, but first attempt to build the set was ruined by those nasty, nasty Luxons taking over Vasburg Armory... Luckily, the next day their forces were driven away by our brave Kurzick troops and girls were able to goshopping ;) When all parts were ready, we sat a while to decide what color to use for the tatoos... They way they came by default was very light, making this beauty look like a Snow White. Since Nif's tatoos were matching the rest of his outfit, we tried to find a combination of colors that would follow this pattern; white was out of the question naturally as it would give no contrast. Simple one-color combinations that had a chance to match Robin's trousers didn't look too appealing (bronze, orange or yellow all looked a bit dirty); blue, violet and green presented themselves better, but did not follow Nif's outfit scheme enough. Most promising combos were black plus either blue, violet or red, which, as a bonus, enchanced the fact that Labyrinth tatoo has in fact two hues: lighted and darker, which ain't easily visible when painted too dark (black... have I mentioned already taht the new black is too jet?) or too light (most one-color dyes). Robinina chosed black + red for her tatoos as matching the ornaments of her trousers the most, and so... we have a fashonable looking couple :) Cheryl couln't be more proud!

The photo was taken when we were vanquishing Unwaking Waters (us three plus [stns] guild leader Sharn) ; you can see Cher looking at her 'masterpiece' with admiration... and showing of her boots. I've finally came to conclusion that Vabbian boots indeed match this outfit combo better, and I'm loving it.

PS. While looking at them, I feel an urge to make myself a monk and get her that amor combo too... Somebody stop me please, I don't even enjoy monking...

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Cherrie the Trendsetter

I not only dress up my own dolls... I also dress up others now ^^

Came up with that monk combo when Labyrinth was added to game; I generally don't like Monk tatoo sets worn as w complete sets, they look... kinda stupid imho. And complete Labyrinth looks like a monkey set, or more precisely like a monkey dancer set, with a little skirt... But the upper body design was tempting. Monks have actually quite well built bodies in GW, not exposing them is a shame :P And Kurzick pants make their shapy butts look even shapier..

Anyways, I was about to convince one of my befriended monks to abandon his jacket and show his torso in a fancy new tatoo with fancy new jewlery but he was quite resilient - he didn't want to be my doll ;( - but annother monk friend overheard my fashion proposition and decided to try it out. With great results, as you can see above. Cheryl feels really proud right now, her fashon sense was finally given a proper attention ;) Hmmm, I wonder if those bracelets and the choker will fit on Cher...

PS: The sexy monk on the photo is Sir Nifredil :)