Monday, 9 July 2007

Dragon Festival: LOTS of hard work, LOTS of platinium saved.

More of the 'hard work' factor, actually. My token stock collection, not entire though.... The screen was made on Sunday afternoon, just when I filled up my storage with them, but the day went on and their numbers significantly increased, I stopped counting tho and exchanged them for Creme Brulee immediatelly (Sweet Tooth track :p) because of storage shortage; I might have collected twice as many, or maybe even more.

But I can not take the credit for them, I would never be able to get as many and advance the title at the speed i did if it wasn't for my friends, guildies and allies who provided me with spare tokens from extra characters, presents and runs. And for his commitment and the time spend on me, I'd like to specially thank Robin for running my chars' festival quests all day long..! I'm extremly grateful (but if Cher gets fat and can't fit into her clothes, she'll still spam Diversion on you.. and get some more sleep please.. :( ). Of course, my thanks go to Drako, Mark, Nath, Nemi and Sharn as well :)

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