Saturday, 21 July 2007

GW:En Armor Leak

I myself can't make up my mind wheter to take those as an actual leak from ANet's test server or a well prepared joke by someone using TextMod... They sure look proffesionally made and two of those were shown at E3, but at the same time... they are so obviouly reskinned models with minor modifications it's almost too simple and crude from Anets side to create new armors like that... Anyways I promised my friend I'll post them, so here they are.

I must say I myself am very, very upset with some aspects of GW:EN. It ends GW - and I ain't looking forward to GW2 seeing ANet aiming for grind, farm and everything more like WoW, eeeek; has no CE, and now this... Those armors are reskins of merely modified models.... Meh :(

Official Art released:
GW:EN is already released and one can see all the armor arts on various pages so I'll remove those pics clustering my page :)

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