Saturday, 7 July 2007

Cherrie the Couples' Trendsetter

Male version of Kurzick-and-Labyrinth came out to be a stunning success... so Cheryl couldn't stop but think if a female verions looked at least as good as it's male counterpart. As far as her imagination could reach, she would tell it would... as long as the pants were painted white to match the permamently white female top. Also, female monk could use cute Labyrinth ankle bracelets, as they are more discreet... and this would be a good choice since female Kurzick boots look kinda awkward with the pants, making legs look fleshy.

Miss Robinina, Nifredil's monk companion, gladly catched the idea and decided to give it a try, but first attempt to build the set was ruined by those nasty, nasty Luxons taking over Vasburg Armory... Luckily, the next day their forces were driven away by our brave Kurzick troops and girls were able to goshopping ;) When all parts were ready, we sat a while to decide what color to use for the tatoos... They way they came by default was very light, making this beauty look like a Snow White. Since Nif's tatoos were matching the rest of his outfit, we tried to find a combination of colors that would follow this pattern; white was out of the question naturally as it would give no contrast. Simple one-color combinations that had a chance to match Robin's trousers didn't look too appealing (bronze, orange or yellow all looked a bit dirty); blue, violet and green presented themselves better, but did not follow Nif's outfit scheme enough. Most promising combos were black plus either blue, violet or red, which, as a bonus, enchanced the fact that Labyrinth tatoo has in fact two hues: lighted and darker, which ain't easily visible when painted too dark (black... have I mentioned already taht the new black is too jet?) or too light (most one-color dyes). Robinina chosed black + red for her tatoos as matching the ornaments of her trousers the most, and so... we have a fashonable looking couple :) Cheryl couln't be more proud!

The photo was taken when we were vanquishing Unwaking Waters (us three plus [stns] guild leader Sharn) ; you can see Cher looking at her 'masterpiece' with admiration... and showing of her boots. I've finally came to conclusion that Vabbian boots indeed match this outfit combo better, and I'm loving it.

PS. While looking at them, I feel an urge to make myself a monk and get her that amor combo too... Somebody stop me please, I don't even enjoy monking...

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