Monday, 30 July 2007

Vanity Fair: Legendary Guardian

Cherrie is a Legend now; literally :) Not for the first time tho... (Legendary Skill Hunter and Legendary Cartographer checked already) but still makes me proud. Thats one of the not many titles I wouldn't be able to achieve alone so - paradoxally - makes me even more proud, and I had much more fun achieving it than those I soloed.

And here's the proof of us doing The Nightmare, Madness Mission - and succeed.

It was quite fun actually, and not that hard either :X Well, it was hard, but much less than I expected. We had 3 monks which alowed us to use an opportunity which presented itself after we took Lich down - our tank got DCied! This way he actually did what he was supposed to do, he stood without moving, tanking The Handsome, and the rest of us went down to clear the shrines and gain favor of the Gods, while Robin kept tank alive (and later played hit-and-run with Shiro, keeping him at the gate when we were doing our job done). The tank reconected when we did the last Shrine, we run back to the gate and got the job done. With Shiro well tanked, we spaced out and... well... killed him :) Tank's Wild blow and my Morgah's Wild Throw helped getting rid of his stances, my friend Nemikaze kept him satisfactionally roasted. Fatalities were brought back up by Morgah (Signet of Return is a nice thing if most of the party is alive... which we were, since only 2 people were getting hit, Tank and Nemikaze-sama), and Shiro was killing himself thanks to Brilliant Joanna's effords. She actually stole my role, taking Empathy with her.... I used my favourite Mass Destruction PvE build, spamming Necrosis on Mantra of Recovery (90 armor-ignoring damage every 1 second for 5 energy!), having Auspicious Incantation on Ether Nightmare for energy management. I really thought we wouldn't make it when we set off, but... as I already mentioned, it went quite smoothly :)

Shiro, honey... Don't be sad... I'll make it up to you the best I can ];P

PS. Joanna, stop running around MY Shiro in this lace BDSM outfit, or... I'll double-echo Diversion on you! ;) Or have Poppy touch you to death!

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