Friday, 30 April 2010

Rescuer of Nurz Gashu

I love Titles, I collect them with passion.
Thus I hope I will be able to overcome my legendary laziness and create a series of posts showcasing at least some of them.

Rescuer of Nurz Gashu shall be the first of the series, if it ever comes to be.
I must say I do enjoy the skirmish (mosly). While quite dull and boring while solo, you get to look at in from a completely new perspective if in duo or bigger fellowship! Only `but` is the annoying dialogue at the end... do I really have to stand there for a minute every time listening to it, is that neccessary? Well, at least I get a decent chance of finally getting Kindred with Eldgang on my Rune-tard.

Anyway, beware: Silirien the Flame of the Rift! or something. Burning hot, as usual.

The Grey Flood

One of those little, small LOLs scattered around the Middle Earth ;)
I actually screen-capped this one because when I managed to stop laughing I remembered - or tought I remember - that Tolkien strongly disliked grey squirrels and was personally upset about them pushing natural to British Islands red squirells out.
I was googling for anything that would back this statement hard but to no wain. Maybe I made it up? Wouldn't be the first time...

Fishing with the enemy

This is something I wanted to do back in a times Silirien was still a wielder of bow and arrow - to join this little merry group of Angmarim in fishing amongst the ruins of Annuminas. Back in the days they would rudely chase me away, but now they seem friendlier somehow...

He is right behind me, isn't he?

Nazgul with their steeds are arguably the best thing there is about the whole Dol Guldur. I will disagree - Unwelcoming Matt is xD

The concept is by /roll100 who posted a screenie like that a few months ago. I must say I l.o.v.e.d it, so I arranged for a photo session for myself ;)