Friday, 30 April 2010

Rescuer of Nurz Gashu

I love Titles, I collect them with passion.
Thus I hope I will be able to overcome my legendary laziness and create a series of posts showcasing at least some of them.

Rescuer of Nurz Gashu shall be the first of the series, if it ever comes to be.
I must say I do enjoy the skirmish (mosly). While quite dull and boring while solo, you get to look at in from a completely new perspective if in duo or bigger fellowship! Only `but` is the annoying dialogue at the end... do I really have to stand there for a minute every time listening to it, is that neccessary? Well, at least I get a decent chance of finally getting Kindred with Eldgang on my Rune-tard.

Anyway, beware: Silirien the Flame of the Rift! or something. Burning hot, as usual.