Sunday, 2 May 2010

Lothlorien Goat

Saviour of Lothlorien Goat
I was very sceptic about the Wild Goat as a reward for becoming Saviour of Lothlorien - elves on goats? Over my dead body!
But apparently I am quite easyto convince with enough of aesthetic stimulation. Andthe goat's visual apperance is simply... amazing and totally elf worthy. And if I need to use a bloody goat, it's better be a pretty one and if it also matches my outfit, I am more than happy.
And it does! the goat is in great synergy with my all-time favourite Annuminas set.

In other words, I am in love yet again. And with a goat!!!


  1. Oh damn, now you've convinced me to get that goat too. Damn, it looks so nice.