Sunday, 23 September 2007

Reminescences of Ascalon

When it comes to dresses, my finances are almost out of control... I buy them, snap some photos and try to fit them into my 'closet'.

Thankfully, I can't think of any other dress i might want to buy.

Run, Cherrie, run!

Hall of Heroes

Well, not actually Hall of Heroes... but I always wanted to get to this location. Finally, searches for new monuments brought us here. No monument tho, such a pity :)

I also got quite lucky. Before we entered The Tombs, me and my friends were discussing Ecto drops in there, which we decided to be pretty low, so I said If anyone gets and Ecto in here, it's gonna be Cherrie. And guess what, she did. Twice ^^ Maybe the World of Tyria is telling me that I should get myself a FoW? :o Naaa... Dwarven mini is more... mini ;)

Black Widow

Ah, the Jewel of Pet Collection :)

I couldn't resist. But, to be honest, I had tears in my eyes when I gave my Raven away =(

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Eternal Conqueror of The Deep

The Deep is fun ^^

Took us a while to bring up a good strategy concerning first four rooms as we had a lot of heroes. It was down the hill afterwards, except for one little wipe. This is how it ends when people get distracted by a Chest in Scorpion Room ^^ Suddently, after a few minutes, something triggered the Aspect and some of us got warped to groups standing one aggro bubble away. It would be all fine if only we were not warped to two separate groups and didnt lack monks and other players who were afk. Bad Aspect ^^

Kanaxai also took some efford and strategy. It's funny how easy one forgets about strategy when playing in NM in 12-man party ^^ In the end, all it took was some good placing/flagging so most of the popups would stop on Warrior, and preventing Kanaxai from healing. I must say, taht was my part. Inspired Enchantment on Monster Enchantments FTW ^^

So, one more monument for my Hall of Monuments. It gets kinda stuffed... I wish I could remove them once placed.

BTW, we did FoW before, but I forgot to took screenies. I'll think of something later ^^

Sure I knew, but I wasn't aware it shows =x

I had to do some more of Norn Fighting Tournament to make Zehtuka give me a nice Horn he has in return for his old horn that he left in Crystal Overlook. It's way more fitting for Cher than Dwarven Boxing (don't tell anyone she did it... I mean, a gorgeous Mesmer in a splendid dress punching people in a face and... other places too... and using a headbutt... doesn't fit, does it?)or - eeeew - Polymock, but it's boring..!

Anyways, I spare some time to pay attention to my fans. I didn't have any idea it shows, really ;)

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Destroyer Vanity

I gave in to my vanity and got myself those two a few days ago. Do I look like an ice cream lady to you too?

I don't really like them.. a sad loss of Onyxes and Diamonds, my own and borrowed... Oh well. Back to old fashion kickass Platinium Staff (I'm fed up with my Zodiac atm as well)

PS. Ogden looks great with Destroyer Scepter and Focus... those items were made with Dwarves in mind!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Gothic Girl

Am I Goth enough for you?

I've always told everyone that dying ann armor black is pretentious; and I always swore i wont do such thing myself. But I was curious how does this armor dye... I've borrowed aCial of Black Dye from one cute Necro... and I didn't give it back. The dye was perfect for that dress and finally my mix'n'match boots matched.. my Dire Raven pet matched it as well, not to mention my little black ball of feathers (can you spot him on the pic? ^^). Gwen's focus fills the gothic look along with Kurzick Elite mask.

Too Goth for myself even!

BTW, the dress is defenetly too short...

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Black Moa Chick!

I've always loved Black Moas... defenetly my favourite tamable pets! And they come from Echovald too ^^

That's why I knew I simply HAVE to have that mini...

At first I even considered buying it since I was so impatient, but than I thought obtaining it will be much more fun.

Beating Zho and her Onyx was relatively easy, so was making her confess where do Black Moas nest, or rather, how to obtain one. Robinnia helped me with gathering Skree Wings for Nesting for the IncubatorI got from a Luxon crafter named Katherine and accompanied me to Ring of Fire to get Volcanic Rocks. She (Robinnia) also went with Mantiss for some Scale Fins they exchanged for Herrings. My dear Sir Puszek ;) provided us with Juni Berries. Nemesis, The Queen of Fire was our guide to The Heart of the Forge, where I sacrificed one of my best dress to flames only to provide my little egg the warmth it needed. And there it hatched..!

Here it is, moments before its birth. Honey and Fish and Berries ready to sustain its first hunger:

And here we are, me and my happy Preciousss visiting our homeland :D Isn't he adorable? ^^