Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Black Moa Chick!

I've always loved Black Moas... defenetly my favourite tamable pets! And they come from Echovald too ^^

That's why I knew I simply HAVE to have that mini...

At first I even considered buying it since I was so impatient, but than I thought obtaining it will be much more fun.

Beating Zho and her Onyx was relatively easy, so was making her confess where do Black Moas nest, or rather, how to obtain one. Robinnia helped me with gathering Skree Wings for Nesting for the IncubatorI got from a Luxon crafter named Katherine and accompanied me to Ring of Fire to get Volcanic Rocks. She (Robinnia) also went with Mantiss for some Scale Fins they exchanged for Herrings. My dear Sir Puszek ;) provided us with Juni Berries. Nemesis, The Queen of Fire was our guide to The Heart of the Forge, where I sacrificed one of my best dress to flames only to provide my little egg the warmth it needed. And there it hatched..!

Here it is, moments before its birth. Honey and Fish and Berries ready to sustain its first hunger:

And here we are, me and my happy Preciousss visiting our homeland :D Isn't he adorable? ^^

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