Saturday, 22 September 2007

Eternal Conqueror of The Deep

The Deep is fun ^^

Took us a while to bring up a good strategy concerning first four rooms as we had a lot of heroes. It was down the hill afterwards, except for one little wipe. This is how it ends when people get distracted by a Chest in Scorpion Room ^^ Suddently, after a few minutes, something triggered the Aspect and some of us got warped to groups standing one aggro bubble away. It would be all fine if only we were not warped to two separate groups and didnt lack monks and other players who were afk. Bad Aspect ^^

Kanaxai also took some efford and strategy. It's funny how easy one forgets about strategy when playing in NM in 12-man party ^^ In the end, all it took was some good placing/flagging so most of the popups would stop on Warrior, and preventing Kanaxai from healing. I must say, taht was my part. Inspired Enchantment on Monster Enchantments FTW ^^

So, one more monument for my Hall of Monuments. It gets kinda stuffed... I wish I could remove them once placed.

BTW, we did FoW before, but I forgot to took screenies. I'll think of something later ^^

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