Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Vanquishing Tyria - The Undead Dragon is down :)

This is the location - or rather one particular mob - I was afraid the most of (counting out those few nasty Stone Summit spawns in Southern Shiverpeaks... but now I'm convinced we have a team good enough for them too; after all, we killed a God and now The Dragon ;P). I managed to convince Gniewosz to leave his little UW farm and bathe his new, cute Chaos Axe and his gorgeous Tormented Shield in some really special blood for their benediction. I also snached my favourite SS hero for this trip.

We didnt make any special preparations, our builds were mostly what we use for every other Vanquish, but:

# I equipped Jin with Extinguish. She's the one who would experience mana problems the least and we suspected we might have some condition problems (at the Isle and on the way as well, with all those 'hot' imps)

# I managed to convince Gniewosz to drop his beloved W/Rt Splintered Weapon build for W/N with Plague Touch. If those dragons are nice enough to try and keep Dazed on us all the time, why not return the favor? Besides, don't you just love caster bosses constantly dazed, and gang-wanded? Jin's BHA wouldn't be enough as Rotwing is a special creature with half conditions, half hexes, half recharge and half casting time. And double damage. His own Roar made him suffer :)

# Our favourite Ritualist build got a bit modified - in fear of the Frozen Soil set up by Rotscale's retuine, we added Restoration. Got used once tho, durig the testing phase, when first line (Gniewosz and lace necro hero) got wiped.

# Robin went as a healer for a change. Rotscale's Desacrate Enchantments would be devastating if this what is supposed to keep us alive was used to kill us. Dunkoro went as Prot or hybrid, I'm not sure.

Final phase. I dont have any pictures from earlier, but it was pretty boring. Gniewosz stood there singing the "I will survive!" song, basicly uncharmed, Joanna was getting raped by the monsters while she was killing them with Spitiful Spirit and the rest of her arsenal, Robin was either healing her restlesly or casting anything once in a while at Gniewosz. I was having my job done. Oh, the sweet life of a Mesmer.

This is annother boring period. Gniewosz is beating Rottie up, returning his Dazed from time to time. Jin is placed in a clear view to interrupt and provide additional Daze, so is Razah to make sure his Spirits' attacks will hit and interrupt The Dragon as well. Joanna hid herself behind the tomb (or inside... those necro urges...), I'm doing my thing when my mana lets me, and Robinnia stays allert in case some nasty spell gets through Dazed, but generally is really bored.

Few minutes later. Rottie, unfortunatelly, didn't get his last meal. What a pity :)

Cherrie and The Beast.

Rest of the party, unfortunatelly, was too absorbed by a nearby chest to poze for a picture beforeRotscale's body evaporated.

No, he didn't drop the Greenie. But it wasn't the point anyways :)

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