Sunday, 25 May 2008

Savior of the Kurzicks

The Echovald Forrest...

For it's sake, I gave up my life. Day by day, night by night I guarded it's borders, I watched over it forsaking rest and sleep, protecking the Kurzicks and... Urgoz, whom I belive ain't dead, though I myself struck his trunk down.

For the sake of the Forrest.

Savior, they call me. She, Who Killed Gods.
Are all Saviours so alone? Tired? Have we all gave up our lifes? And for what?

It's time for me to leave The Forrest. I know it will prevail, for there is The Seed...

The Kurzicks must finally take care of themselves, and I am tired. So pointless was the chore, so heavy the burdens I carry.

She, Who Killed Gods.
She, Who Crossed The Gate.

And all I will miss, is Anja. Is she strong enough to carry her burden? The chosed child, Seed-bearer...

I will not turn around, I leave the Forrest today. Too many days and night I shed the blood, and now I must rest. And settle with the Gods.

Why I did the whole Kurzick track is beyond me. So many hours wasted...

Why am I still going for The Farmer God title, is also beyond me. I guess it's the human nature to long for God status, even in-game. Pathetic. But will make my Cherrie complete. And will look nice in here.

Btw, has anyone else noticed how prophetic the dialogue with Kurzick Scout at Melandru's is?

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