Saturday, 13 March 2010

Sleepy Hollow

In my Siege of Mirkwood first impressions written a few months ago I've mentioned how atmospheric the newarea is. Evey step you take it always feel like you were in a haunted forrest out of Tim Burton's imagination... and indeed, you are - in both!

Remember Sleepy Hollow? I had sooo many reasons to love that movie:
  • made by my favourite director (Burton, of course)
  • starring two of my favourite actors - Deep and Walken
  • also starring the unforgetable Claudia from Interview with a Vampire - Dunst
  • as every Buron movie being creepy, gothic, dark and absolutely enchanting..!
...and when you near the infamous Dol Guldur, you will more likely than not and defenetly lead by a cruel fate come acroll the Tree of Suffering overlooking what once was Greenwood the Great, dressed in skeletons and skull flags...

I do wonder why was the Tree of Suffering placed where it is. I can't recall any quest line evolving around it, and yet there it is, for a Burton fan like me a must-be token of admiration for his work! Is it?

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