Friday, 4 June 2010

It was nice playing LotRO. Bye.

Codemasters will make LotrO Free to Play with Premium Shop starting this Autumn.

For me, it's been nice playing LotRO but now it's time to go buy that xBox and wait for Guild Wars 2.


  1. I'm still waiting for all details to come out, personally I'm not too concerned about anything else than OMG LOLWHAT NO CONTENT UNTIL FALL (meaning they won't fix anything before the next book, either, for example the miserably broken LM/burg debuffs).

    But yeah, I think I'll move to AoC or something for the summer.

  2. The 'free to play' tag is a little misleading, and seems to have caused much of the community to have a very negative knee-jerk reaction. The model is similar to DDO, as subscribers I'm pretty sure we wont see much in terms of changes, other than getting turbine points (or whatever they are called), I'm interested to see how the cash shop will develop. Turbine have done a good job with the shop in DDO. Like xhii I'm more concerned with the lack of real content... very bored at the moment in game.