Friday, 1 April 2011

A guildie discovered this phenomenon and entertains us with brilliant movies regularly. The two below feature "me" and my ecto fetish ^^
Unfortunately, the dialogues are in polish... I might translate them later.

Gniewosz: Cherrie, I've told you I'll give you ecto, haven't I?
Cherrie: Yeah! Multiple times! But in the end you always said you need it all for powersell.
Gniewosz: You know what? Let's do the froggies and share the drop. Accept the party.

Gniewosz: How's going? Any good drops? Anything to put on Guru?
Cherrie: Hey, what's up with my ecto?
Gniewosz: And you're on it again. Women! We have to be patient. I am still waiting for my comissions.

Enjoy xD

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