Monday, 19 December 2011

Back to LotRO... for now.

Temporarly back to LotRO, but somehow most of the passion is gone.
I make screenshots, but I never seem to get around to make posts like I used to...

I am missing playing with my fiancee terribly, that's probably adding to the general unhapiness with what Turbine presents. Waiting for Diablo III to get me out from Middle-earth, and then for Guild Wars 2.
Mesmer has officially been revealed, not I really, REALLY can't wait.

Any good advices for how to leave a game that became a chore but you're still addicted to?
I'd gladly not waste anymore of my time in there but... well... I am weak.

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  1. I played LOTRO for 3 years intensely and I feel quite the same. After that players changes, rules changed (real life too) and it is hard to return. I guess the magic is gone. I too agree that the Lotro Store and some other changes are not doing any good... and to me are 100% money driven.
    Adding to your posts the game population quality has decreased despite new players telling it is the most helpful community... and the game just goes on changes based on other player's tantrums making it even hard to return and understand complexity that doesn't add to the actual game experience.