Sunday, 23 December 2007

Wintersday is here!

Wintersday is here! The sudden chill forced Cheryl to cover her stylish, sexy Obsydian with an apropriate winter coat. Fortunatelly, the coat is sexy enough for mesmer to wear ;) Btw, it ain't hard to guess who will Cherrie support? :>

Anyway... let's have fun!

There'll be dancing...

There'll be feasting...

-Candycanes..! My Precioussssssss!
-Cher.. You remember Dragon Festival..? Please restrain yourself just a bit...
U.U I know I should, I mean, it's not like I have to eat ALL the sweets withing the nest few days... but... I think I will anyways!
-Cher..! Than again... if you gonna lean like that..

And Snowman Summoning...

So who pu this little guy up there? ^^

And some competition too!

Give it your best this year, Dwayna!
unless you design a really, REALLY cool headgear this year, you gonna loose again!

So, have fun, folks!
Consume sweets, gather gifts or drink Eggnog all Wintersday long!
I know I will.

Have a very Grenchie XMas!

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