Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Angarim Nomad by Jeff Murchie

I used to regard Angarim girls as the prettiest in game - before Amarthiel/Narmeleth, there was nothing that could compare with them; defenetly not the poor version of Arwen standing somewhere in Rivendell - at least they've done the poor soul a favor and they keep her somewhere out of sight... Angarim girls however have genuinely beautiful faces and very feminine outfits (how I envied them their dresses!). The design came from Jeff Murchie; he posted it on his blog over 2 years ago. It's fun to see (yet again!) how art department carefully reproduces the basic design into the actual game skin; the funniest part is the chain hanging at Nomad's belt - originally, it was purposeful and was meant as a handle for sword cover, but as NPCs in game simply hold their weapons in their hand or they magically dissapear, it became purely ornamental. Noone bothered to alter it in any way though, so it still looks like a sword-cover chain hanging there and waiting for the weapon... :)

Jeff Murchie's post with the design can be found here.

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