Monday, 13 July 2009

The Palantir of Fornost

Silirien and Rhyaewald payed a visit to Fornost recently. A pair of tourists lost in a big, unwelcoming city... I must say it was really fun, especially because I love exploring so much.

When we got inside the main tower, I got startled by an unusual view: in a spacious room, a large group of evil spirits was standing in circle, watching a construction in the center without a word.
The construction was in fact a pedestal, one I've seen in Middle-Earth several times before: in Annuminas, in Carn Dum... Palantir! But the pedestal was empty, ghosts were peering into nothingness.

I asked Rhy Did there used to be a Palantir in Fornost? He answered that yes, Arvedui brought the stone from Annuminas to Fornost when he fled the White City. I wanted to make a picture of the council of ghosts watching the pedestal, the sight was truly amazing, but before I had chance to do so, a patrol of spirits noticed us and as all ghosts in the room attacked us ferociously. The battle was long and hard, even for the pair of us, so experienced, because of the sheer number of enemies, but in the end we prevailed. Only than I got a chance to make a screenshot.

I do hope we will go there some day again so I can make the picture I really wanted!

But that experience got me thinking, and researching.
According to some internet Encyclopedia of Arda (I didn't have time to browse through books yet), two seeing stones 'took refuge' in Fornost. Long before this city fell (some 3000 years), the stone from Amon Sul (Weathertop) - one of greater power than the stone of Annuminas' Kings, in fact - was rescued and brought there. Than, Arvedui brought the Evendim stone when he run. He allegedly took both of them with him to Forochel, where they were lost.

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