Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The Best Epic Chapter EVER

This weekend I've finally forced myself to press on with the Mirkwood Epic Book - took me a while because I _hate_ soloing, and with the introduction of the Skirmishes chapters tend to be either solo (the joy...) or said Skirmishes which - regrettably - don't have duo-option...

Anyway - I got to chapter I-don't-remember, I guess it was 17th and I got literally blown away by the plot. It very much resembles the annoying little solo instance from Volume I where we get to see images from Narmeleth's past, but here... oh joy... here we see Gandalf investigating the shadow falling over Greenwood the Great..!

I was very, very much impressed with Turbine lore-monkey's grasp of lore and creativity. Everything felt like being in the right place, everything made sense and... oooh... just do the Chapter ;)


  1. Well, somehow i found myself at your page - i was looking for information about that huge creature with 8 dread in Sejer-Tharakh, Moria - but i'm glad i did cause this sounds great. My main character being a dwarf is still lulling about in Moria rallying and helping friends prepare for an assault on the watcher. When we finally move onto Mirkword though, i'll look forward to this chapter; it sounds great.

    By the way, did you find out anything more about that creature in Sejer-Tharakh?

  2. Mae govannen!
    I am glad you like it here.

    I am sorry, but I have not found any further information about the creature. I am guessing it's a fluff, yet a very fine one!

    Enjoy your game :)