Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Grenth and Dwayna costumes

Being the great Guild Wars fan that I am, I got myself those fluff little costumes. Not because I particularly like them (tho I am impressed by the design) nor because I am a spoiled brat (as I've seen some players referring to costume wearers), but because I wanted to somehow support NCSoft while they are developing GW2.

There is something bending in human minds with the word FREE, and now in a good way. Regrettably, free is rarely of any decent quality or the price comes in at some point. After all, you get what you pay for. Guild Wars is awesome, but with the project being discontinued, what kind of support were we left with? Balance went to hell ages ago, broken skills became part of the game culture because noone bother to fix them, serious exploits are left unattended for weeks... No, GW doesn't have a good vibe with it for me anymore. And even in the times it shone, there's something it was lacking and of which I know now that I've played a subscription-based game - in-game support. A little thing that sometimes changes so much..!

But I am still looking forward to GW2 and this is why I bought the costume pack - to support it's developement.

Dwayna's costume rocked my socks off. I love the details, I adore the wing-like sleeves and the mesh of the dress! It does clip like hell when running, but when standing - it's marvelous!

Grenth... for the first time in known history I am not impressed with something grenth-like. But still, I like.

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