Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy 2010!

Snowfall in the most unexpected places prompts Tyrians to decorate their abodes to welcome Dwayna and Grenth in their yearly war visit!

And I must say that apart from one (major! but all in due time) f*ckup, this is my favorite year yet when it comes to headgear! Finally, gifts suitable for beautiful, proud lady that do not require Cherrie to attempt a drastic hair makeover!

Predacious, cold and yet gentle - Grenth rarely let me down when it comes to gifts (ECTO! <3).
But this year I think it's Dwayna who wins... Gentle, delicate, meticulous, ultimately feminine and an andunmistakable snow symbol, this is truly Snow Queen's crown.
Grenth's one - a crown for a king still!

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