Friday, 29 June 2007

Chapter VII: Fashion Capital

This is the longest series I've done so far with Cherrie. Originally, there were fewer cities to shoot in and every contestant got assigned to one only. But as I do not participate in the contest and do it on my own and for myself only... I've decided to match outfits to most of the areas in game :) Here is what I came up with, in alphabetical order.

Arborstone, the capital of Kurzicks. Actually, House zu Heltzer is, but Arborstone is the main Cathedral there. Do i repeat myself often saying thats my favourite area in-game (excluding the pre-searing that Cherrie obviously can not go back to? :() ? And my favourite armor setoriginates from here, too (ahhh, the corsets... ;P) This was actually shot in Frenendale, better light there.

Ascalon, before the searing. Again, I should have actually titled it Rin. but.. who cares :) Capital of Ascalon is usually reffered to as Ascalon, not Rin. Yes, thats photoshoped again, but for me that's the dress that matches Ascalonian style the most (look at lady Althea).

Ascalon, after the searing. No PS used here; quite depressing site too. And the place was so lovely.. darn Charr >.>

Bone Palace, place where the bad - but cute, girls like powerful villains ^^ - Joko dwells. The set is actually Primeval with Ancient mask, but I didn't come up with my genious combo for Ancient attire back then yet. As a side note, I'm really fond of the Primeval set; it's design is so unique... and finally Cherrie has breasts to show off! ;)

Cavalon, capital of the nomadic Luxons. Actually shot in Luxon Guild Hall, couldn't find an appealing place to shot in the actual city as I was looking for something as much natural as possible, with thr japanease drawing feeling that I love about the Frozen Sea so much... I used the red dress as a contrast with the jade-frozzen surroundings .

Droknar's Forge. Why is it so cold there ._. And why won't my guild change the GH into the Kurzick one? ^^ I guess I'll have to bribe someone... Anyways, Rouge matches Shiverpeaks I guess :)

Gandara the Moon Fortress, the capital of Kourna province in Elona. I'm really fond of the Mediterrenian feeling of it's design and it's shape too. Maybe quite rought, but still beautiful. I chosed elonian started armor dyed red as it resambles Kournan soldiers' armors pretty well. I didnt shoot in the actual Gandara either as its unreachable from explorable area, you're dressed up during the second and when you're not there's too much mess to focus on shooting, like during the first mission - the session actually took place in a Guild Hall :)

Kaineng, the capital of Cantha. Cantha is very pretty... apart from all areas in Kaineng that ain't the palace... I hate the slums, argh... Btw, what amazed me while I was mapping and later on vanquishing the Raisu Palace was the fact that there are slums inside it... Jeez.... who designed that place...

Kamadan, Jewel of Istan. Didn't really have idea for this one... Apart from the fact taht I knew i wanna capture that Paragon guy and use Sunspear armor... which I quite despite, tbh... so I didnt want to dye it white as it really should be if I'm posing for a Sunspear... Anyway, I don't really like this pic, but i had to do it to maintain consistency of the series.

Kodash, capital of Elona province Vabbi. Rich place with a Near-East feeling to it. I didn't want to spend my money on Vabbian attire that is ridiculously expensive and not even that pretty - well I wouldn't wear it later on anyway. But i thought that Tyrian Collector's matches to Vabbi pretty well, especially dyed blue, thanks to it golder ornaments. Like this set LOTS btw. Pitty I dyed mine black btw, i gotta rethink that and choose some other color, Black Dye after the update sux.. too jet, ornaments get lost ;(

Lion's Arch, the capital of Kryta. Very popular city in Tyria. i knew I need to catch the lions in my shot... If i didn't it would be like shooting about Paris as a fasion capital and ommiting the Tower... Speaking of the towers, I knew I should catch the towers of Lion's Arch as well. I chose Enchantres dyed white to resamble the White Mantle a bi; besides it's a very, very light dress taht matches the hot krytian climate.

Augury Rock. I needed a shot from the Crystal Desert to maintain consistency... It might not really be a capital, Amnoon Oasis is more of it, but Augury has prettier architecture. I managed to catch the griffin arch and the mysterious praying figures on one shot, god for me :) /jump

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