Thursday, 28 June 2007

The Guiding Flame

Actually, TNTM never had such assignment... but... when GW:Nightfall came out, I felt in love with Paragon's skill animations and the wings taht appear... I had to use them on Cherrie! Unfortunatelly, mesmers' skill animation ain't as fancy as Elementalists' or Paragons', so I could not actually achieve a flying angel look as I planned to... but, using Fiery Dragon Sword alongside the glowing wings and placing Cherr in dark surroundings, I managed to show the 'Expell Darkness' idea of an angel... or at least I hope so :)

Note: Original notes on previos Cherrie blog had little stories written about my gal... But I don't like to repeat jobs once done and I don't really feel like writting them over... At least for now. So, until I get really bored or really inspired, they won't appear here.

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