Monday, 20 April 2009

An Epic Fight

At least for me!
I encountered this scary vampire in Morrovail Caves in Eastern Durin's Way yesterday. I'm no Loremaster nor a Minstrel, but still I was able to bring down his 35k morale ass in just... 15 minutes!
Yes, I smacked him to death with my Rune.

...and 15 minutes only because I had Fall To Our Wrath slotted...


  1. Nice! I ran into a 58 elite add the other day and thought that was a tough fight to survive, but you clearly take the cake with your EM mob. Nice job!

  2. Yes it's defenetly possible, some classes have it much easier than others. Minstrels and Loremasters have always been the kings and queens of EM soloing, and now after 'ordinary' damage nerf and tactical buff, they are again.
    Rune-keepers can do it, but it takes a lo9ng time as we deal almost no damage while healing and we cant really switch easilly.