Monday, 20 April 2009

Tale of Heroism

Yesterday my friend's Minstrel's Tale of Heroism cought my attention.
Not the skill itself actually, but the icon - my first thought (first, as I have never payed attention to this skill before) was - Beren and Luthien!

Because what else could one think in Middle-Earth, if a Tale of Heroism is illustrated with a picture of a pair, her up the front, fair-skinned, black-haired and clad in white, him behind her? And their story is, indeed, one of heroism way beyond that of their mirrored pair at the dawn of times, Aragorn and Arwen (Aragorn may have been heroic, but Arwen never done anything to remotly deserve that term... yes, I don't like Arwen). Beren and Luthien has both done truly heroic deeds..!

Also the rich green background brings Ossiriand to mind, the green and forested land of seven rivers where Beren and Luthien lived.

...and... do you also think you can see Nauglamír on Luthien's neck? :)

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