Monday, 28 September 2009

The New

There's no better (although not always persistent...) cure for the pain than spending some money. It always works, at least temporary. So, I decided to finally do what I was planing to do for years, change Cherrie's name.

I was in much of a hurry creating my very first character in GW and I had no idea whatsoever how to name her.

I didn't get a feel of the community yet, I had no idea how totally awesome one can name their avatars. I liked 'Cherrie' back than, I found it a cute world play between 'Cheryl', 'Cherry' and 'Cherie'. And Rimbaud's book of poetry was just lying there on my desk.

I haven't come up with a good name for Cher 'till much later. Wasn't big of a fuzz so when I learned I can't rename her (seriously A-Net, what took you so long?! And for 13E, you reaping bastards?!) I just stuck with it.

But yesterday I decided that a tiny bitsy bit of spending might actually make me feel a little better, I'm a girl after all. So please wave goodbye to Cherrie!

...and give a warm welcome to the newly named Princess of Mesmers

I kinda regred that my PreS Mesmer got to be named Perilous Liaisons, but I am way too lazy to remake her and I'm not sad much enough to buy name swaps. And Parlous is even more cryptic, making more people reach for dictionaries, which suits me. Much!

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