Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Pulchritudinous Flight

Happiness is purple and sparkles and flickers.

I must admit I totally don't understand the amount of negativity GW community shows towards this promotion. So if you buy Aion now when the game launches, you will get a bonus in form of GW emote, a sparkly fluff. If you like it but don't plan to play Aion, it's not like NCSoft makes you buy the game - ask around, there surely be someone among your friends who doesn't plan on using the key. If you don't like it, than don't bother and give they key to someone else that does like it.
Because seriously, all those angry comments make me think of their authors as of people who'd love to have those wings, but can't spare money on Aion and can't think of another way to get the serial key.

Well, people, those wings were ment as gifts for players that supported NC Soft through both Guild Wars and Aion. It's that simple.

Did this promotion make me buy Aion?
No, I bought it way back in June because I was planning to play this game. Things changed since than and I'm ending up with a $80 worth of CE I'm not even gonna touch, but my mind was seriously made up.

Would this promotion make me buy Aion if I was undecided?
It would probably count as an argument, but it would depend on contr-argument.
Defenetly not at the moment, I'm a bit disgusted with Areteia farm-fest and the fail that is a head-start with 7h of login cue and so on and so forth. Will probably play a bit when and if it is possible to actually log in until my free month ends because the game looks simply a.m.a.z.i.n.g, but I don't see myself paying monthly fee for it.

Would this promotion make me buy Aion if I didn't want to play?

No. I would look for other ways of getting the bonus key, I have plenty of friends who plan to play Aion and never played Guild Wars or don't care about the emote.
If I wouldn't be able to obtain it from anyone I know, I would consider buying Aion CE in box, using up the bonus key, and selling off the CE in a year or more, depending on how the prices would look like.

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