Wednesday, 9 September 2009

There can be only one Mistress...

...every usurper gets eliminated!

In other words, I've finally got to see the Mistress of Pestilence in person, and show her who really deserves the title (who is naturally not her; or was, rather).

She looks like a big, fat worm with arms; and a pair of very overgrown ones.
I don't overall like her design much... the only interesting parts are the green cysts looking like ornaments or even jewels on her overgrown body, but that's about it. There are regular mobs with more interesting design than her :/

But oh well. My get-them-all personality finally got fulfilled as I completer Surpressor of Pestilence. Somehow, I like collecting titles.

Notes: the picture is not made by me, unfortunately. I had insane graphics lag on the poison clouds phase - every time it would pop, I'd get something of 0 fps... I lowered my settings as much as I could to gain nothing... and I didn't feel like making a ss of single-colored blobs...
I'll try to correct that by stealing some SS from my bf.

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