Thursday, 17 September 2009

Some more God(dess) rubbed in...

...because I like it, because I'm (kinda) proud, and because my gl asked me to snap something that would fit into the Pantheon on our guild website. He wanted one with my class' God in the background, but unfortunately there's not a single statue of Lyss in any place that looks good. Apart from pre-, but my Goddess can't go back there. So I came up with something else...

I've also decided to catch my fully litten up Hall of Monuments

During the session, my Nix insisted on joining

I must say I'm a bit puzzled as to what to do now as I don't really feel attached to any of my alts.
Thoughts of Guild Wars 2 make me consider filling up the Hall, but this would require a considerate amount of farming. I'm also not thrilled with the tough that I can only put one item of a kind in my Monument of Valor (at least for one character) - o I spend all my remaining savings to get 6 more Torments, and then assign them to Cher? Or split them among my alts (I will never play [much] anyway)? What about armors? Do I buy all elite armors thinking of benefits in GW2?

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