Monday, 28 September 2009

The New

There's no better (although not always persistent...) cure for the pain than spending some money. It always works, at least temporary. So, I decided to finally do what I was planing to do for years, change Cherrie's name.

I was in much of a hurry creating my very first character in GW and I had no idea whatsoever how to name her.

I didn't get a feel of the community yet, I had no idea how totally awesome one can name their avatars. I liked 'Cherrie' back than, I found it a cute world play between 'Cheryl', 'Cherry' and 'Cherie'. And Rimbaud's book of poetry was just lying there on my desk.

I haven't come up with a good name for Cher 'till much later. Wasn't big of a fuzz so when I learned I can't rename her (seriously A-Net, what took you so long?! And for 13E, you reaping bastards?!) I just stuck with it.

But yesterday I decided that a tiny bitsy bit of spending might actually make me feel a little better, I'm a girl after all. So please wave goodbye to Cherrie!

...and give a warm welcome to the newly named Princess of Mesmers

I kinda regred that my PreS Mesmer got to be named Perilous Liaisons, but I am way too lazy to remake her and I'm not sad much enough to buy name swaps. And Parlous is even more cryptic, making more people reach for dictionaries, which suits me. Much!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Pulchritudinous Flight

Happiness is purple and sparkles and flickers.

I must admit I totally don't understand the amount of negativity GW community shows towards this promotion. So if you buy Aion now when the game launches, you will get a bonus in form of GW emote, a sparkly fluff. If you like it but don't plan to play Aion, it's not like NCSoft makes you buy the game - ask around, there surely be someone among your friends who doesn't plan on using the key. If you don't like it, than don't bother and give they key to someone else that does like it.
Because seriously, all those angry comments make me think of their authors as of people who'd love to have those wings, but can't spare money on Aion and can't think of another way to get the serial key.

Well, people, those wings were ment as gifts for players that supported NC Soft through both Guild Wars and Aion. It's that simple.

Did this promotion make me buy Aion?
No, I bought it way back in June because I was planning to play this game. Things changed since than and I'm ending up with a $80 worth of CE I'm not even gonna touch, but my mind was seriously made up.

Would this promotion make me buy Aion if I was undecided?
It would probably count as an argument, but it would depend on contr-argument.
Defenetly not at the moment, I'm a bit disgusted with Areteia farm-fest and the fail that is a head-start with 7h of login cue and so on and so forth. Will probably play a bit when and if it is possible to actually log in until my free month ends because the game looks simply a.m.a.z.i.n.g, but I don't see myself paying monthly fee for it.

Would this promotion make me buy Aion if I didn't want to play?

No. I would look for other ways of getting the bonus key, I have plenty of friends who plan to play Aion and never played Guild Wars or don't care about the emote.
If I wouldn't be able to obtain it from anyone I know, I would consider buying Aion CE in box, using up the bonus key, and selling off the CE in a year or more, depending on how the prices would look like.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Some more God(dess) rubbed in...

...because I like it, because I'm (kinda) proud, and because my gl asked me to snap something that would fit into the Pantheon on our guild website. He wanted one with my class' God in the background, but unfortunately there's not a single statue of Lyss in any place that looks good. Apart from pre-, but my Goddess can't go back there. So I came up with something else...

I've also decided to catch my fully litten up Hall of Monuments

During the session, my Nix insisted on joining

I must say I'm a bit puzzled as to what to do now as I don't really feel attached to any of my alts.
Thoughts of Guild Wars 2 make me consider filling up the Hall, but this would require a considerate amount of farming. I'm also not thrilled with the tough that I can only put one item of a kind in my Monument of Valor (at least for one character) - o I spend all my remaining savings to get 6 more Torments, and then assign them to Cher? Or split them among my alts (I will never play [much] anyway)? What about armors? Do I buy all elite armors thinking of benefits in GW2?

Aion WIN[gs]!

/aion command in Guild Wars

Discussion Thread
Response (John)09/16/2009 06:38 PM
Hi Cherrie,

Thank you for contacting us regarding the Guild Wars Aion Wings emote. While the exclusive emote was intended to be a promotion for retail packages, there has been plenty of feedback from customers such as yourself who prepurchased the game online. Because of this, we will be providing you with a Guild Wars Aion Wings Emote Access Key for your Guild Wars game account.

We will be providing you with your access key once this feature becomes live in-game. You will receive an update to this ticket with your key as we approach game launch.

Thank you,
NCsoft Account Support

Obviously, I'm extremely ^-^.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

The new God(dess)

And so, my ascension is finally complete. After nearly two years of being inactive, I've decided to finally catch those loose ends and finish what was started.

I tough it will make me more proud...
Maybe it's the fact that it took the one title is deeply despite to do so?
Drunkard and Indomitable Ale Hound are just... disgraceful... It makes me feel ashamed that I had to go through it to "complete" my girl...

Now aall I need is a Nian, and a name change

...and /aion emote..! If i don't manage to get one, I'll become DEEPLY depressed.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

There can be only one Mistress...

...every usurper gets eliminated!

In other words, I've finally got to see the Mistress of Pestilence in person, and show her who really deserves the title (who is naturally not her; or was, rather).

She looks like a big, fat worm with arms; and a pair of very overgrown ones.
I don't overall like her design much... the only interesting parts are the green cysts looking like ornaments or even jewels on her overgrown body, but that's about it. There are regular mobs with more interesting design than her :/

But oh well. My get-them-all personality finally got fulfilled as I completer Surpressor of Pestilence. Somehow, I like collecting titles.

Notes: the picture is not made by me, unfortunately. I had insane graphics lag on the poison clouds phase - every time it would pop, I'd get something of 0 fps... I lowered my settings as much as I could to gain nothing... and I didn't feel like making a ss of single-colored blobs...
I'll try to correct that by stealing some SS from my bf.

The Mistress, Chapter III: The Betrayals

Hence somewhere between T.A. 2050 and T.A. 2900 Amarthiel regains her position as Champion of Angmar, now assigned to Mordrith, Regent of Angmar in the absence of the Witch King. For a long time, her position is stable – a champion, Angmar’s servant, Mordrith’s fetch-n-bring girl. Even deprived of Narchuil, her power is remarkable and she is able to use some magic when she assumes the form of Sara Oakheart (and later of other people she killed). There is a lot of desire for power in her, probably fueled by the fact that while she was captured by Laerdan, someone else took her place. Mordrith. We know she at least desired to overthrow him as she reveals in words You’ve done me a great favor in Carn Dum when players, led by Golodir, strike The False King down. She was actually on her way to his throne room, most certainly to steal the palantir in his possession, but who knows if not for something else as well? Not that Amarthiel doesn’t let her true feelings show before: while The False King resides in Carn Dum, she dwells in Barad GĂșlaran, the tower of the Witch-King, true lord of Angmar. But before that happens, she’s a servant with some side projects, a leader her followers obey blindly. We know she is the one who orchestrates the summoning of Udunion, a Rogmul called forth in Barad GĂșlaran: when she tricks heroes into meeting her in her tower, she approaches the Castellan saying that she brought two relics that will help calling the devil; one can only guess that she retrieved them from Garth Agarven (either Staff of Dark Shadows of Scroll of Ruin) and Fornost (probably the Horn of Arnor, lore-wise it would fit), with the help of the players…

After Mordrith is stricken down, Amarthiel takes his place as Regent of Angmar, with the blessing (and warning) of Sauron. She also sets out to reclaim her lost ring, Narchuil. She and Elrond race against each other, a race which Elrond wins and both halves are delivered securely to Rivendell. However they don’t stay there in relative safety but are reclaimed by Narmeleth’s father, Laerdan, who – while being captured by her forces – was bewitchered by her and led to believe that his daughter can only be freed from the shadow of Sauron and from the control of Amarthiel with the power of her lost ring reforged. And thus, Laerdan brings the pieces of Narchuil to Mirobel. With no more use for him, Amarthiel leaves him to die at the enterance of the forges, and herself restores Narchuil.
But she does not enjoy her regained power for long, for Mordrith enters the scene again, arriving to Mirobel on a Wyvern to reveal that Amarthiel has lost the favor of Sauron because her ambitions were reaching too far. Mordrith throws her down and offers Mordrambor, a Black Numenorian who players have encountered numerous times before and who was a traitorous servant of Champion of Angmar, a reward for his service – the ring Narchuil; Mordrambor cuts of Amarthiel’s hand and takes his reward of her finger, but before strikes her dead, Laerdan arrives and instead she is left alive, in misery, seeing her father die.
Elrod imprisons Amarthiel, who now claims to be her fair self again in Delossad. After Glorfindel, on his request, tests her heart and judges her intentions to be true. He also foresees that only her hand can strike Mordrith down. And again, he is right – with the help of the heroes of Eriador, against whom she before – as Amarthiel – have fought, and whom she used in her dark plots, she sets off against Mordrith. She reveals a secret passage to Mordrith’s chambers (something she might have found out as Amarthiel, while already plotting against him) and she deals him a killing blow with the very same sword Golodir has wounded The False King before.
And there, in Angmar, her story ends. Was that deed enough to redeem her for all the evil she has done..?