Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Annuminas set mix'n'match

Maybe LotRO doesn't have the variety of clothes of Guild Wars, nor it offers as much mix'n'match possibilities, but still there are some beautiful fashion objects aviable...

Beautiful, but:

#why are they not dyeable? Sil loves her indygo statement >.>

#why are they so useless? I mean, there's no way any character under level 50 can obtain them now (as barter items are Bind on Acquire), and there are plenty of better things to wear

#if they are so useless, why are they so hard to get?

Well, women always suffered for fashion. So I will, again. In three months, can't get the set before I leave to Stuttgart. In the meantime, a little tease: this is how Sil is planning to get dressed when she comes back

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