Wednesday, 17 December 2008

From Dusk 'till Dawn

I always admired Tolkien's work. I wasn't a crazied fan, to be honest, I wasn't even a fan. I know for some this might seem a heresy, but some parts of his stories seemed a bit shallow to me even... but tan again others, like Children of Hurin, in turn made me bow. And weep.

And the scope of it all!

Even if the stories themselves didn't always 'speak' to me, I loved the detailed world.
As I always, always loved computer games. So it was just natural that once LotRO came to be, I'd land here sooner or later.

I must say that I view this game as the most mature one among all MMOs I have ever played, and I did play quite a bunch. Not only the community, but the gameplay itself! And there's so much to discover, even more so, if you recall Tolkien's writings. I was afraid I will loose all those little discoveries of mine, hence I created my first LotRO blog here. Unfortunatelly, the provider choice wasn't too great, hence today I've moved all my previous posts here.

Hope you will enjoy as I do :)

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