Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Raids'R'Us first Balrog down

First Balrog to go down under the swords, arrows, songs and knowledge of lore of Raids'R'Us members!

Roggie ain't a very hard boss to bring down if all members know what to do and do it before Raid Leader even speaks up. But for this kind of coordination and tactics knowledge, practice is needed. Long, irritating and costly practice. But it payed off, we got two weapon gems! And second Blade of Thaurlach for the Raiding Hall (first one Sil ninja'ed from Silver Blades' raid just a week or two earlier ^^).

Glathlírel says, ''Strangers... you were sent to me by the Eldgang?''

Glathlírel says, ''Then it is as I have feared. There is little time, but you must know the peril you face! Prepare yourselves and listen to my tale.''

Glathlírel says, ''Long ago, at the breaking of Thangorodrim, Thaurlach flew to this land and I gave chase.''

Glathlírel says, ''At his coming, all was beset with brimstone and flame, and he eluded me.''

Glathlírel says, ''For long years he lay hidden, until the Dark Power rose again and Thaurlach awoke from his secret slumber.''

Glathlírel says, ''He was revealed to me in that moment, and I struggled with him in battle.''

Glathlírel says, ''With the aid of the wizards I threw down my foe: defeated, but not slain.''

Glathlírel says, ''Thaurlach sued for pardon at the feet of the wizards.''

Glathlírel says, ''They deemed he should be imprisoned where he could await his judgment at the end of days.''

Glathlírel says, ''Long have I here waited for Thaurlach to seek his freedom, that I may end his menace for good if he sought to escape!''

Glathlírel says, ''When I open this seal, the true test of your will shall begin!''

Glathlírel says, ''First, I must remove the seals.''

Glathlírel says, ''Now to open the locks....''

Glathlírel says, ''You have come just in time! Thaurlach is stirring. There is something amiss!''

Gandalf says, ''Indeed it is...a link from the chain Angithron that was forged when this world was young.''

Gandalf says, ''A Balrog lies defeated.''

Glorfindel says, ''Ai!''

Glorfindel says, ''A Balrog of Morgoth!''

Glorfindel says, ''You are mightier than I first perceived.''

Gandalf says, ''Yes, one which was awakened long ago by his master's call.''

Glorfindel says, ''You speak, then, of Thaurlach, Glathlírel's Bane. My heart is heavy still from her loss.''

Glathlírel says, ''Then let your heart be lightened, Glorfindel, for I have returned!''

Glathlírel says, ''Mithrandir speaks true. I was with the adventurers when the Balrog fell.''

Glorfindel says, ''And even more wonders, Glathlírel! When you did not return...we feared....''

Glathlírel says, ''I found aid unlooked for in the North.''

Gandalf says, ''Two others of my Order, who have since vanished into the East, aided her in imprisoning the Balrog. Alas, for the treachery of the Enemy.''

Glathlírel says, ''I remained in Nûrz Ghâshu as the warden of the Balrog until another of Morgoth's servants sought to free him.''

Glorfindel says, ''And with the aid of these heroes which you mention, you were able to overcome Thaurlach?''

Glorfindel says, ''I will compose the song of their triumph myself, and it will be known to all the Elves that yet dwell....''

Gandalf says, ''I think not, Glorfindel...''

Gandalf says, ''For even among the Elf-lords, you still keep secrets...battles and deeds enough for a thousand songs.''

Gandalf says, ''No...not until the world has changed should this tale be told in full.''

Glathlírel says, ''The Dark Lord of Mordor would be troubled by the death of Thaurlach...''

Glathlírel says, ''But I fear he would gain much knowledge of hidden things that should remain lost were the full tale known.''

Glorfindel says, ''Your deeds will not be forgotten among the Wise.''

Gandalf says, ''Certainly not! It is the responsibility of the Wise to keep such lore until its chosen time.''

Glorfindel says, ''And it is well that you have returned out of the darkness, Glathlírel.''

Glathlírel says, ''It seems that Imladris will require my sword and more if we wish to continue the fight!''

Glorfindel says, ''We have fought many battles, but alas, our time has passed...''

Glorfindel says, ''The duty of great deeds has fallen to others. The time of the Elves is fading.''

Glathlírel says, ''Then it seems there is little left for me here...''

Glathlírel says, ''I will travel to Mithlond and join our kin where I may find peace.''

Glorfindel says, ''And what do you make of this, Mithrandir? What now should be our course?''

Gandalf says, ''Our course?''

Gandalf says, ''What should have been done two thousand years ago has been done...''

Gandalf says, ''All that is left now is to plan for the journey to come, and I have much to do before that journey begins.''

Glorfindel says, ''Creatures such as Thaurlach do not easily fall, my friend. You have brought hope unlooked for to our struggle against the Shadow, both in the East and in the North.''

Actually, only when I read the dialogue again, it stroke me how utterly irrational Glorfindel sending
Glathlírel away was: the war is at hand, The Nine have just awaken and there ain't that many that can match them. And here we have 
Glathlírel, a hero of the Old Days, returning miraculously and Glorfindel... sending her away?! Than why did he, Elron or Galadriel stay behind, if it's an Age on Man?

OK, I know that if he didn't, the cat-fight between her and Silirien would be unevitable, but seriously.. it's not that Sil stays at Riv all the time. He could have send
Glathlírel away after the war!

Men >.> Just so typical...

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