Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Elenariel Duskwhisperer

Somehow, my alts always get better background stories than my mains... In Guild Wars, most developed story was assigned to my Ranger, whom I didn't play at all. And a nice, deep story it was, too!

Same happens in LotRO. Elenariel has a story, Sil has... none, almost. Maybe it's because I kinda feel my mains' story developes along my play, according to the storyline and such?

Anyway, meet Elenariel Duskwhisperer, Loremistress

Even though Elenariel has stayed at the Last Homely House for uncount ages, most of the members of the household weren't aware of her existence as she was always quiet and keeping to herself; and those who were saw her as an elf of low statue, an unimportant scholar at best, much to her's and her guardians' relief, for her story was the secret of the White Council.

The part of her story that she revield, that is.

Her life known to those who still walk the Middle-Earth begins in the time on The Last Alliance of Elves and Men, in a time when Light clashed with Darkness and Joy wed Sorrow. When the armies of the Elves arrived at Dagorlad, scouts brought to the Kind Gil-Galad a lone elf maiden they found, wondering like in trance, exhausted, dressed in rags, a sad shadow of eldar grace. The marks on her body, the place she was found and the insane look in her eyes left no doubt she came from Mordor, which thrilled all the elves, as the old stories of Morgoth's captives from Beleriand returned... But at the eve of the great battle, the most important matter for the Kind and his councellors was, wheter the maiden can reveal some secrets of the hidden power of Sauron and his forces...

...and this was in this moment, that the maiden was granted a pure vision of why was she really let go from the slumber she was kept in for the centuries past... She was lifted from chains and brought upon the Look of a Great Evil, dressed in Iron. The Evil laughed at her and told her, he found a new way to entertain himself with her fate, for today the Armies of her brethen has reached his Fortress, to their doom. And so, she is set free to wonder to them, to grasp an illusion of freedom just to witness them being crushed by the power of The Ring. And so, she was led outside and left to herself, and after three days she saw a free elf for the first time since... since...

But now, in the pure light of the grace of a Noldor king, she undertood that she was ment to be a tool in the hands of The Evil, and that whatever she says, would lead closer to Sauron's victory. So she refused to describe anything she saw while leaving Mordor, nor while being captive, nor anything at all about herself. The King of Men demanded to find a way to make her speak, for her informations would surely enhance their tactics.

-My heart has turned to darkness, my Sire. My being was turned to a tool in the hands of The Enemy. I beg of you, for the sake of your army at the future of Middle-Earth, do not demand of me to speak of what I have seen, because what I have seen is what I have been shown, and not what you'd hope to see. My King, of what I have been through I do not want to speak and I wont, and a threat of life will not make me, for what I have been is long since dead. I would even beg of you, to crush this body so I can finally rest, and be no threat to you.

Gil-Galad saw the light of reason beaming from in the sad creature, barely holding on her feet before him. He refused to end her life because, as he said, this would be annother victory for Sauron, and promised to take care of her and not to inquire about the things she wanted to hide. But he knew could sense that The King of Man and his son did not agree with him and the words of the elf and would use any opportunity to try and rip the information from her, thus he ordered for her to be led away from the army, to a place safe. A small retuine from Elrond's, his herald, home has led her to Rivendell.

Even though the King, Gil-Galad, has not returned from the battle, but Elrod took up his oath and took care of the maiden. She was put in front of the Council, where she repeated what she told Gil-Galad: that she refuses to speak of Mordor, even now, after Sauron's defeat, nor about her past. In the centuries to come, Elrond nor none of the Council inquired her. Lord of Rivendell took care to see to her often, but they rarely speak a word even, he never found much more than what she told Gil-Galad the first day. The maiden refused even to give the name given at her birth, and took up the name of Elenariel, "star shine", to honor Gil-Galad's decision and oath, and the fact that he has saved from Mordor, one way or annother, like the light of stars light up night sky.

And now, The Third Age has come. The Evil has awaken, thus Elrond sent Elenariel as far away from Mordor as he could, to Eren Luin. But the ages spent in the peace of Imlardis seem to have ease some of the dark burden put upon Elen. There is still darkness inside her, but she no longer seems to be a slave or a tool in Sauron's hands, for not even nearing the Ring has brought any terror to her. And who knows, maybe her Darkness will let her battle the other Darkness better...

Yes. I'm supposed to be studying, and that's probably why I am doing something completly different.

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