Thursday, 18 December 2008

A perfect addition to Sil's cozy deluxe house: Elven Snow Globe


After days of present-farming and kinchat-nagging about the ball not appearing, my dear Kinnie (and actually, Kin-leader) Hith presented me hers. Now my humble elven abode looks even more elvish!

Just one question to Devs: Have we all been very, very, VERY naughty players that we get those insane ammounts of Coals and Taters from Gifts?
Waaait, did I say Gift? It's not much of a gift if I have to work better half of the hour for it.
Seriously, why not add an option to barter for rewards of our choosing? Like during Lithe festival? I'm fine with higher ammount of barter tokens required, but please understand how frustrating it is to grind my ass off on five characters everyday to exchange their tokens to Elven Gift Boxes in hope to get the Elven Snow Ball, and not to get one for four days?! If it was not for my friends, I wouldn't ever see one I am afraid.
Please, make better design decisions in future. unless you aim for pissing your playerbase into pblivion during Yule festival - that indeed would be something new on MMO scene!

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