Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Choosing a new path

There are moments in lives of all beings blessed by conciousness by Eru when they might realise the path they have chosen was not the right one.

Today, Silirien has realised just this: after weeks she spent peacefully, drowning in thoughts while resting in her Lord's mansion, she saw clearly that she was not born to be a hunter and that a way ment for her was more subtle.

Hence, she has decided not to take up her bows again, and to turn towards her true destiny, better maching her feeble body and faithful spirit. She will give up the path of the Hunter and take up one of a Runekeeper.

Say again?

No, of course _not_, the concept art with a totally purrrsome Runekeeper's armor designt and jaw-dropping Galadriel art had nothing to do with the decision. Seriously. Nothing.


The Loremaster class had his or her powers explained as the harnessing
of the traditional powers of nature -- calling down lightning, using
water to make foes stick in the mud, or throwing a fireball made from a
chemical concoction. In short, the class is more of a combat chemist
than a true magician. The Runekeeper, on the other hand, actually taps
into the primal physics-altering powers of creation. It's the same kind
of power (though to a far, far lesser degree) as that tapped into by
powerful elves like Galadriel (who serves as the model for the class).


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