Wednesday, 17 December 2008

A very lucky Captain

The story begins when Silirien decided to kill some time in Barad Gualaran with a PUG. Those of you who know me a little closer are perfectly aware of the fact that I'm in love with the place... The design clearly shows it was run by a woman! An evil villain, yes (mark the use of red, fire in general, demon ornaments and always fashionable spider webs), but a woman.

...the windows!

It's one of a few places in LotRO that actually have a window view...!

And red heavy curtains...!

And.. and the Sorc's have awesome dresses!

I don't know why, but something tells me that woman fashion in Angmar is to have shaved head... :X

<3 the dress.

Anyway, in the PUG Sil met a friend from R'r'U, Captain Beor, a very noble dwarf Guardian Raori, a silent hobbit minstrel, a decent Loremaster and a nooby hunter Ery.

By nooby, I mean nooby. Everyone may have an unlucky shot and aggro adds during a fight with Elite Master monster, but trying to make it look like it was on purpose is really nooby. In the derogatory meaning. And pushing the blame on others doesn't help. Nor does the fact, that Sil was 'the other'.

Nevertheless, it all went rather smooth and we got to the Casstelan - a worthy enemy, and one of great wealth, known to drop a weapon greatly cherished and desired by Captains, Captain's Arm. Unfortunatelly, Loremaster's tactics was one year old, and outdated. Uncle Google said "DPS him down, the faster, the better as he spawns adds every few seconds". Quite a straightforward tactics, but here we lost our minstrel... Nevertheless, we decided to take our chance and strike Castellan down. And we did, but his adds stroke us down in return, without giving us a chance to proper loot him and the Chest he kept his treasures in.

Now the problem with Barad Gualaran these days is that after wipe, you spawn quite far away, over a valley crawling with elites, so it takes a lot to get back. The mobs remaining after the fight didn't help - it's really quite impossible to open a chest while something is hitting you, not to mention loot it...

Still, as the rest of the group was quite desperate to get the Key and the Horn that were kept in the chest, Sil decided to take her chances and stealth behind the guards to the chest, hoping that primo, they won't see her approaching, and secundo, she will manage to loot whatever was in the chest before they get to her.

As you can see from the picture, the legendary Elven stealth, tho untrained, proved sufficient (some Strange Flowers Sil carries with her for such occasions might have helped as well) and she got to the chest and, among the Key and the Horn, she saw Captain's Arm... but the chest itself was not affected by Master Looter..! I could not give the items to anyone, I could only put them into my inventory, but they would bind...

Than I thought... if I could open the chest and take the other BoA's, if Beor can get here and is given enough time... he might get the Arm!

First plan was that I will keep the two remaining guards occupied, and Beor rushes to the Chest. But it was growing really late and we didn't want to take chances... Fortunatelly, there is always Kin to help :) Bodin and Hal rushed with Beor to rescue me from my uneasy possition and set the treasure free :) The ammount of compliments and proofs of love end eternal devotion that Beor showed to me would excell far beyond the capacity of this blog tho ;)

This is why the Halberd is so precious:

I must say, I really felt like a ninja there! :D

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