Wednesday, 17 December 2008

The warm feeling inside

Rhyaehar takes Silirien in his arms.

Silirien falls into Rhyaehar's embrace.

Silirien rests her head on Rhyaehar's shoulder.

Silirien says I just had a mood-breaking thought of a few GMs on night-shift, reading our chat log and eating pop-corn...

Rhyaehar holds Silirien tightly.

Silirien can feel her heart starts to ponder.

Silirien says Now they are probably calling their friends from day-shift to log on as well and ordering pizza...

To love is to be insane, so insane that an eldar is willing to give up her eternal life for just a short time with a man she loves... The oldest story in the Middle-Earth, it seems.

Than again, it's enough for the mortal to grab a Ring of Power (there should be a few left somewhere...) and grasp eternal life himself. And a nice mansion, like Barad Gualaran... ;)

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